Automotive Protection Products

Automotive protection products offer car dealerships the opportunity to keep their vehicles looking the same way they did the day they rolled off the assembly line. Our paint-preservation, anti-corrosion and interior-saving services have been proven to improve the look and longevity of your vehicle by deflecting harmful elements you’ll encounter on the road. Our products can do everything from remove fingerprint smudges and de-odorize the passenger cabin to restoring the transparency of headlight lamp covers. Our product lines are available for all varieties of vehicles and can keep your car, truck, RV or motorcycle looking brand new for years to come. Industry experts will tell you that detailing the exterior of a vehicle is just as important as keeping tabs on what’s going on under the hood. From high-gloss polishes to waxes that provide ultra-violet protection, giving adequate consideration to the look of your car will guarantee it a longer life. For more information on ECP Incorporated, call 800-323-3521.