Keep Your New Vehicle Looking Fresh With Clay, Polish And Regular Washing

For every beautiful day, Mother Nature can just as easily fire off some rather harsh ones. Pounding rain, hail or snow can be swapped for oppressive heat and whipping winds depending on which section of the country you live in. While we can take cover inside our homes, our vehicles aren’t always as lucky. It’s even worse when we’ve purchase a new car and we know that it’s about to be subjected to a lifetime of rock salt, sun beams and falling branches. At ECP Incorporated, we  take automobile upkeep very seriously. It’s why we’ve been a leader in the aftermarket products industry, namely protective coatings for car dealers, since 1969. We’ve picked up plenty of tricks of the trade along the way and would like to offer them to fellow drivers. In this article, we’ll discuss how to properly take care of your car’s exterior and give it the best chance of survival against the elements that are bound to do a little damage eventually.

  • More than soap: Washing a car isn’t like washing your body in the shower. To appropriately clean your vehicle, you’ll need shampoos designed to clean the surface of a vehicle and specialized towels that won’t leave marks. Those are just two items worth  purchasing if you’re going to do the job right; many ECP Inc reviews show that the payoff of picking up the right products is extending the car’s lifespan by deterring rust from occurring.
  • Clay and polish: Also in the category of specialized products falls clay and polish. Specifically, a clay bar for detailing can help pick up things that can contaminate your vehicle such as industrial dust. Some experts say that one of the easiest ways to determine if you need to clay your car is to put a plastic bag over your hand and feel the surface of your car. An uneven or bumpy feels means there is contamination that can be removed. The purpose of polish is to simply improve the appearance of your car and give it a nice shine, although specific steps must be followed to prevent it from drying incorrectly.
  • Future protection: The clear coat on your vehicle isn’t enough to protect it from normal wear and tear, thus it’s up to you to perform regular cleaning and polishing. One such item offering an innovative approach is a ceramic shield that can be used in car washes. The final product is a wear-resistant coating that protects vehicles from dirt, bugs and grime.

Detailing Tips That Will Make Your Old Vehicle Look Showroom-Worthy

We’ve all walked through new car dealerships or car shows and spotted our reflection on the hood. Moments later, we’ve also probably imagined ourselves in the driver’s seat of this impeccable piece of machinery. While it makes sense that a brand new car or truck would have an unvarnished exterior, how did the owner of that 1965 convertible get the windshield so clean and door handles fingerprint-free? We’re car lovers, too, and know the feeling all too well. That’s why ECP Incorporated is so proud to offer top-of-the-line protective coating products to dealerships marketing new, used or leased vehicles. For the do-it-yourself crowd, we’d like to offer a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way. If you follow these suggestions, your sun-bleached 1996 Jetta can also look like something that won a blue ribbon at the local vintage car show.

– Tools of the trade: To appropriate detail a car, you’re going to need a number of hand-held items and professional products designed to breathe life back into your vehicle’s exterior. Some of the best items you can acquire before getting started include dust cloths, cotton rags, a soft-bristle brush, degreaser, wheel cleaner, glass cleaner and polish. Many ECP Inc reviews reveal that procuring all the top-shelf products before beginning the detailing process makes it a much more pleasant experience.

– Why wax? By applying wax to your vehicle, you’re giving it an extra layer of protection from the elements that are hitting it at 60mph. Some automotive experts, such as those at ECP Incorporated, suggest using polymer max, as it doesn’t leave a hazy appearance after drying. It doe costs more than carnauba wax, but it’s said to be easier to apply to your vehicle.

– Pop the hood: When it comes to detailing, the benefits to cleaning off the engine are two-fold. If you have a car worthy of the public’s attention, then they are going to want to take a look under the hood and see the business end of your vehicle. ECP Inc reviews of products designed to clean engine bays show that this is a vital step. Pulling out the power washer to clean off the oil and grease means these substances won’t be sitting around contributing to the deterioration of rubber and plastic engine parts.