Protective Coatings Company Happy To Provide Information Regarding Warranty, Claims Process

ECP Incorporated

Anyone who owns a motor vehicle wants to keep it looking new for as long as possible. That’s a natural urge, as you’ve likely paid a considerable amount of money to make that car, truck, motorcycle or RV yours. For automotive dealers, the need to keep your fleet of products looking fresh until they roll off your lot and into the customer’s driveway is a prime consideration. By trusting companies like ECP Incorporated to deliver the best protective care products, you’ll have access to waxes, polishes, gels and more that have been tested and proven to get the job done. In fact, car washes, detailing shops and vehicle repair garages the world over use such products daily to keep customer’s cars looking good. In the event of a unsatisfactory experience, we’d like to offer an explainer on our warranty options and claims process. Countless ECP Inc reviews will show you that our top-shelf line of products work wonders, but that doesn’t mean you should be left in the dark if for some reason you have a negative experience. We’ll prioritize our responses to you and ensure that the proper remediation process is provided to you as soon as possible.

The warranty: Overall, the warranty can’t be cancelled because ECP Incorporated products can’t be removed once applied. We will happily amend any incorrect information regarding the warranty related to the product you purchased or transfer it, with a minimal fee, to the new owner of a vehicle if it’s sold. The lifetime warranty that comes with these protective care products does require an inspection on behalf of the warranty holder, which should occur around the 30- to 36-month mark. This may vary, but the protective care products come with specific information regarding how to keep the warranty valid.

Claims process: These fall into two categories – interior and exterior. In either case, ECP Inc reviews will show that the company’s award-winning claims department will be happy to process your claims. For exterior claims, you’ll need a claim form, copy of your warranty, motor vehicle registration form, photos of the damage done and an itemized repair list prepared by an automotive professional. For interior claims, you’ll again need a claim form, copy of your warranty, motor vehicle registration form, photos of the damage done. In this case, you’ll also need an interior explanation form that can come from the claims department. Upon receipt by EP Incorporated, all messages will be processed within 24 hours.