Both At-Home And In-House Auto Experts Can Benefit From ECP Inc’s Industry Knowledge

ecp inc reviewsWhen it comes to keeping your vehicle on the road, too many people erroneously assume that regular oil changes and sporadic timing belt replacements will keep things running as they should. While these folks aren’t wrong, so to speak, there’s still the issue of the frame, undercarriage and interior that needs to be addressed. No matter how well the internals of your car’s motor are running, an untreated instance of rust is all it takes to take down a car for the count. That’s why we’d like to cover some interior and exterior detailing products as well ECP Inc reviews that show how this protective products company, which has been in business for more than four decades now, is the one to trust.


How often should you set time aside for a detailing project? If you’re the at-home and in-driveway type of mechanic,  then a thorough wash and wax should be a bi-annual event. According to, getting down and dirty for detailing work is a task best done every four to six months. At those intervals, it’s suggested that you polish, wax, vacuum and wipe every surface that’s exposed to the elements. That timeframe is suggested because the useful lifespan of most waxes and polishes expires after that period. Detailing is about more than scrubbing the dirt and grime off; it’s a preventative measure for vehicle owners to take when they want to deter rust from taking hold.


For car dealerships seeking a respected vendor of detailing products, reading up on ECP Inc reviews is a great way to accomplish the due diligence period. This appearance protection company is known for having clients across the globe and some 14,000 dealers trust them for the top-shelf items offered. As it pertains to detailing work that your staff should be carrying out at the dealership or car wash, ECP Inc reviews show that there are plenty of options. The “Ceramic Shield” from ECP Incorporated’s “Platinum” line is the first of its kind when it comes to automatic car washes. This tunnel wash creates a chemical bond on exterior surfaces that not only boosts gloss and shine but is proven to deter build-up of grime. For dealerships or garages in the position to detail vehicles for clients or  before sales, a buffer is an essential product and ECP Incorporated has developed a great addition to your tool box. An imported model that’s less than the European variant, ECP Inc reviews show that this 6-speed tool will help apply all types of polishes and buff out imperfections and is still easy to use.