ECP Inc Reviews Show Cleaning Greasy Engine Bay Is As Easy As Passenger Compartment

ecp inc reviewsFor those who’ve patiently and consistently cared for their car, truck, RV or motorcycle, a minor imperfection can seem like a glaring issue that requires immediate addressing. Fellow automotive enthusiasts who care just as much as these folks get it – and some are developing products to help fix those issues. Polishes, seals and ceramic sprays are great for bringing out the luster in the final product, but what about removing the scent of spilled food or keeping rust from forming on the rims? As ECP Inc reviews will show readers, this protective coatings company has developed all manner of products and programs designed to keep your vehicle looking good – whether it’s just sitting in the driveway or getting ready for the showroom floor.

The hood on cars and trucks hides a whole lot of grime. Some people are probably okay with that, as it’s one less project they need to tackle. Other professionals who’ve read up on ECP Inc reviews and want to invest in this company’s products and programs want specialized degreasers to wash away the dirt, oil and dust. According to, “oil and grease can accelerate the wear of rubber hoses and plastic parts, using degreaser to clean off the gunk may save on repairs.” Additionally, a layer of road grime can hide places where a gasket may be leaking motor oil. To address this and more, ECP Incorporated has developed Engine Shampoo that’s a degreaser, is biodegradable and should be diluted before use. This product can be used on motors and other engine bay components, door jambs and even concrete floors. For garages or dealerships looking to ECP Inc reviews and considering some of the company’s products, Engine Shampoo is available in sizes ranging from 55 gallons to 1-gallon containers that come four to a case.

The passenger compartment of a vehicle can attract just as much debris as the exterior. ECP Inc, which has been offering top-shelf products to auto dealers for nearly five decades. When one of these dealers needs to revive the inside of a car or truck, they can turn to the “One & Done Interior Cleaner & Conditioner.” This water-based cleaner and conditioner is biodegradable and will strip the dirt and other residue from leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces. The only tools you’ll need for this job is time (a few minutes are required for the product to set) and a rag to wipe down the surfaces after spraying. Customers can tell the difference between a full-on cleaning and something sub-par so for those looking to market vehicles that shine inside and out, investing in specially-designed products will always be the way to go.