ECP Inc Reviews Show Cleaning Greasy Engine Bay Is As Easy As Passenger Compartment

ecp inc reviewsFor those who’ve patiently and consistently cared for their car, truck, RV or motorcycle, a minor imperfection can seem like a glaring issue that requires immediate addressing. Fellow automotive enthusiasts who care just as much as these folks get it – and some are developing products to help fix those issues. Polishes, seals and ceramic sprays are great for bringing out the luster in the final product, but what about removing the scent of spilled food or keeping rust from forming on the rims? As ECP Inc reviews will show readers, this protective coatings company has developed all manner of products and programs designed to keep your vehicle looking good – whether it’s just sitting in the driveway or getting ready for the showroom floor.

The hood on cars and trucks hides a whole lot of grime. Some people are probably okay with that, as it’s one less project they need to tackle. Other professionals who’ve read up on ECP Inc reviews and want to invest in this company’s products and programs want specialized degreasers to wash away the dirt, oil and dust. According to, “oil and grease can accelerate the wear of rubber hoses and plastic parts, using degreaser to clean off the gunk may save on repairs.” Additionally, a layer of road grime can hide places where a gasket may be leaking motor oil. To address this and more, ECP Incorporated has developed Engine Shampoo that’s a degreaser, is biodegradable and should be diluted before use. This product can be used on motors and other engine bay components, door jambs and even concrete floors. For garages or dealerships looking to ECP Inc reviews and considering some of the company’s products, Engine Shampoo is available in sizes ranging from 55 gallons to 1-gallon containers that come four to a case.

The passenger compartment of a vehicle can attract just as much debris as the exterior. ECP Inc, which has been offering top-shelf products to auto dealers for nearly five decades. When one of these dealers needs to revive the inside of a car or truck, they can turn to the “One & Done Interior Cleaner & Conditioner.” This water-based cleaner and conditioner is biodegradable and will strip the dirt and other residue from leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces. The only tools you’ll need for this job is time (a few minutes are required for the product to set) and a rag to wipe down the surfaces after spraying. Customers can tell the difference between a full-on cleaning and something sub-par so for those looking to market vehicles that shine inside and out, investing in specially-designed products will always be the way to go.

Both At-Home And In-House Auto Experts Can Benefit From ECP Inc’s Industry Knowledge

ecp inc reviewsWhen it comes to keeping your vehicle on the road, too many people erroneously assume that regular oil changes and sporadic timing belt replacements will keep things running as they should. While these folks aren’t wrong, so to speak, there’s still the issue of the frame, undercarriage and interior that needs to be addressed. No matter how well the internals of your car’s motor are running, an untreated instance of rust is all it takes to take down a car for the count. That’s why we’d like to cover some interior and exterior detailing products as well ECP Inc reviews that show how this protective products company, which has been in business for more than four decades now, is the one to trust.


How often should you set time aside for a detailing project? If you’re the at-home and in-driveway type of mechanic,  then a thorough wash and wax should be a bi-annual event. According to, getting down and dirty for detailing work is a task best done every four to six months. At those intervals, it’s suggested that you polish, wax, vacuum and wipe every surface that’s exposed to the elements. That timeframe is suggested because the useful lifespan of most waxes and polishes expires after that period. Detailing is about more than scrubbing the dirt and grime off; it’s a preventative measure for vehicle owners to take when they want to deter rust from taking hold.


For car dealerships seeking a respected vendor of detailing products, reading up on ECP Inc reviews is a great way to accomplish the due diligence period. This appearance protection company is known for having clients across the globe and some 14,000 dealers trust them for the top-shelf items offered. As it pertains to detailing work that your staff should be carrying out at the dealership or car wash, ECP Inc reviews show that there are plenty of options. The “Ceramic Shield” from ECP Incorporated’s “Platinum” line is the first of its kind when it comes to automatic car washes. This tunnel wash creates a chemical bond on exterior surfaces that not only boosts gloss and shine but is proven to deter build-up of grime. For dealerships or garages in the position to detail vehicles for clients or  before sales, a buffer is an essential product and ECP Incorporated has developed a great addition to your tool box. An imported model that’s less than the European variant, ECP Inc reviews show that this 6-speed tool will help apply all types of polishes and buff out imperfections and is still easy to use.

Protective Coatings Company Happy To Provide Information Regarding Warranty, Claims Process

ECP Incorporated

Anyone who owns a motor vehicle wants to keep it looking new for as long as possible. That’s a natural urge, as you’ve likely paid a considerable amount of money to make that car, truck, motorcycle or RV yours. For automotive dealers, the need to keep your fleet of products looking fresh until they roll off your lot and into the customer’s driveway is a prime consideration. By trusting companies like ECP Incorporated to deliver the best protective care products, you’ll have access to waxes, polishes, gels and more that have been tested and proven to get the job done. In fact, car washes, detailing shops and vehicle repair garages the world over use such products daily to keep customer’s cars looking good. In the event of a unsatisfactory experience, we’d like to offer an explainer on our warranty options and claims process. Countless ECP Inc reviews will show you that our top-shelf line of products work wonders, but that doesn’t mean you should be left in the dark if for some reason you have a negative experience. We’ll prioritize our responses to you and ensure that the proper remediation process is provided to you as soon as possible.

The warranty: Overall, the warranty can’t be cancelled because ECP Incorporated products can’t be removed once applied. We will happily amend any incorrect information regarding the warranty related to the product you purchased or transfer it, with a minimal fee, to the new owner of a vehicle if it’s sold. The lifetime warranty that comes with these protective care products does require an inspection on behalf of the warranty holder, which should occur around the 30- to 36-month mark. This may vary, but the protective care products come with specific information regarding how to keep the warranty valid.

Claims process: These fall into two categories – interior and exterior. In either case, ECP Inc reviews will show that the company’s award-winning claims department will be happy to process your claims. For exterior claims, you’ll need a claim form, copy of your warranty, motor vehicle registration form, photos of the damage done and an itemized repair list prepared by an automotive professional. For interior claims, you’ll again need a claim form, copy of your warranty, motor vehicle registration form, photos of the damage done. In this case, you’ll also need an interior explanation form that can come from the claims department. Upon receipt by EP Incorporated, all messages will be processed within 24 hours.

Keep Your New Vehicle Looking Fresh With Clay, Polish And Regular Washing

For every beautiful day, Mother Nature can just as easily fire off some rather harsh ones. Pounding rain, hail or snow can be swapped for oppressive heat and whipping winds depending on which section of the country you live in. While we can take cover inside our homes, our vehicles aren’t always as lucky. It’s even worse when we’ve purchase a new car and we know that it’s about to be subjected to a lifetime of rock salt, sun beams and falling branches. At ECP Incorporated, we  take automobile upkeep very seriously. It’s why we’ve been a leader in the aftermarket products industry, namely protective coatings for car dealers, since 1969. We’ve picked up plenty of tricks of the trade along the way and would like to offer them to fellow drivers. In this article, we’ll discuss how to properly take care of your car’s exterior and give it the best chance of survival against the elements that are bound to do a little damage eventually.

  • More than soap: Washing a car isn’t like washing your body in the shower. To appropriately clean your vehicle, you’ll need shampoos designed to clean the surface of a vehicle and specialized towels that won’t leave marks. Those are just two items worth  purchasing if you’re going to do the job right; many ECP Inc reviews show that the payoff of picking up the right products is extending the car’s lifespan by deterring rust from occurring.
  • Clay and polish: Also in the category of specialized products falls clay and polish. Specifically, a clay bar for detailing can help pick up things that can contaminate your vehicle such as industrial dust. Some experts say that one of the easiest ways to determine if you need to clay your car is to put a plastic bag over your hand and feel the surface of your car. An uneven or bumpy feels means there is contamination that can be removed. The purpose of polish is to simply improve the appearance of your car and give it a nice shine, although specific steps must be followed to prevent it from drying incorrectly.
  • Future protection: The clear coat on your vehicle isn’t enough to protect it from normal wear and tear, thus it’s up to you to perform regular cleaning and polishing. One such item offering an innovative approach is a ceramic shield that can be used in car washes. The final product is a wear-resistant coating that protects vehicles from dirt, bugs and grime.

Detailing Tips That Will Make Your Old Vehicle Look Showroom-Worthy

We’ve all walked through new car dealerships or car shows and spotted our reflection on the hood. Moments later, we’ve also probably imagined ourselves in the driver’s seat of this impeccable piece of machinery. While it makes sense that a brand new car or truck would have an unvarnished exterior, how did the owner of that 1965 convertible get the windshield so clean and door handles fingerprint-free? We’re car lovers, too, and know the feeling all too well. That’s why ECP Incorporated is so proud to offer top-of-the-line protective coating products to dealerships marketing new, used or leased vehicles. For the do-it-yourself crowd, we’d like to offer a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way. If you follow these suggestions, your sun-bleached 1996 Jetta can also look like something that won a blue ribbon at the local vintage car show.

– Tools of the trade: To appropriate detail a car, you’re going to need a number of hand-held items and professional products designed to breathe life back into your vehicle’s exterior. Some of the best items you can acquire before getting started include dust cloths, cotton rags, a soft-bristle brush, degreaser, wheel cleaner, glass cleaner and polish. Many ECP Inc reviews reveal that procuring all the top-shelf products before beginning the detailing process makes it a much more pleasant experience.

– Why wax? By applying wax to your vehicle, you’re giving it an extra layer of protection from the elements that are hitting it at 60mph. Some automotive experts, such as those at ECP Incorporated, suggest using polymer max, as it doesn’t leave a hazy appearance after drying. It doe costs more than carnauba wax, but it’s said to be easier to apply to your vehicle.

– Pop the hood: When it comes to detailing, the benefits to cleaning off the engine are two-fold. If you have a car worthy of the public’s attention, then they are going to want to take a look under the hood and see the business end of your vehicle. ECP Inc reviews of products designed to clean engine bays show that this is a vital step. Pulling out the power washer to clean off the oil and grease means these substances won’t be sitting around contributing to the deterioration of rubber and plastic engine parts.